BEYOND RESEARCH initiative of CRELUX and 4SC Discovery reaches first milestone in drug discovery project for Helmholtz Zentrum München


Beyond Research is an initiative of three Munich-based companies: CRELUX GmbH, 4SC Discovery GmbH – both experienced drug discovery partners - as well as Prefound GmbH, a leading business consultant for life-science start-ups.

Beyond Research strives to close the gap between academic research and pharmaceutical industry by translating basic biomedical research into commercial products that meet industry and market standards.

Insufficient maturation of discovery projects in academic and basic biomedical research is a main hurdle for further development by professional organizations. Even for highly innovative projects with excellent commercial prospects it is difficult to identify industry or venture capital partners for further development into commercial products and foundation of spin-offs. There is an increasing need and demand for pharma to identify early, innovative starting points for novel therapies, due to a significant drop of efficiency in pharma drug discovery over the last decade.

Beyond Research will be established as a local provider for the academic researchers in Bavaria, with the vision to translate academic research into commercial success and to trigger the foundation of new life science start-up ventures. In Bavaria there is no other translational institution offering evaluation, coaching and operative execution services from one source.




The current operational focus of BR will be on small molecule discovery for innovative drugs, covering all preclinical research phases from Hit Generation to Lead Optimization and Candidate Selection.

The IP generated within projects will generally belong to the academic institution. The contribution of BR will be remunerated on a service basis with a milestone component when crucial product development steps are achieved.

Next to a skilled industrial drug discovery team and fully equipped laboratories (i2c, the operative drug discovery platform of CRELUX and 4SC Discovery), BR provides project management, technical and economical project evaluation, business concept evaluation as well as hands on financial and business support and a strong global network to potential product licensees.