CRELUX Crystal Chronicle 58: Nobel prize winning technology cryoEM

CRELUX Crystal Chronicle 57: a new era of protein stability analytics

CRELUX Crystal Chronicle 56: 10 Years of biophysical hit finding and compound validation

CRELUX Crystal Chronicle 55: De novo structure of AMPK, a multidomain protein, solved at CRELUX

CRELUX Crystal Chronicle 54: Blueprint Medicines’ FGFR4 inhibitor program was supported by joint CRELUX and WuXi AppTec drug discovery services

CRELUX Crystal Chronicle 53: Using MST as Primary Fragment Screen

CRELUX Crystal Chronicle 52: ComplexINC: Novel Tools for Complex Protein Expression Tasks

CRELUX Crystal Chronicle 51: CRELUX expands XPRESS portfolio

CRELUX Crystal Chronicle 50: CRELUX offers direct access to libraries of bioavailable and potent natural compounds

CRELUX Crystal Chronicle 49: Now from CRELUX - 3D cryo-electron microscopy

CRELUX receives 800 000 euros funding within the EU HORIZON 2020 programme to identify compounds from marine sources for age-related disease therapy

CRELUX Crystal Chronicle 48: Analytical Services for Small Molecules

CRELUX Crystal Chronicle 47: Binding kinetics by fluorescence cross correlation spectroscopy now available

BEYOND RESEARCH initiative of CRELUX and 4SC Discovery reaches first milestone in drug discovery project for Helmholtz Zentrum München

CRELUX cooperates with Munich Children Hospital to discover novel Orphan Disease Therapies

CRELUX and 4SC Discovery awarded research grant for new epigenetic cancer drugs

Crystal Chronicle 46: Incubizz a Crelux representative in USA

CRELUX Crystal Chronicle 45: MicroScale Thermophoresis – accurate and powerful biophysical screening

AiCuris, 4SC Discovery and CRELUX announce drug descovery collaboration

Crystal Chronicle 44: NOW XPRESS - Clinical Relevant EGFR Kinase Mutations

Crystal Chronicle 43: UCB Pharma SA partners with i2c to identify novel drug candidates for neurological disorders

Crystal Chronicle 41: CRELUX performs integrated drug discovery program for BioNTech

Crystal Chronicle 40: CRELUX features IDH1 in expanded XPRESS portfolio

Infoletter: Winter Special by CRELUX: 15% discount on biophysical analytics

Crystal Chronicle 39: CRELUX Premium Drug Discovery – Now available on our new website –Documents to make your life easier!

Crystal Chronicle 38: i2c drug discovery lifts off. Ribological selects joint services by CRELUX and 4SC Discovery

Crystal Chronicle 37: World’s largest collection of readily available crystallography targets

Crystal Chronicle 36: More and more epigenetic targets in the CRELUX XPRESS portfolio

Crystal Chronicle 35: i2c Integrated Drug Discovery Service – an Alliance of CRELUX and 4SC Discovery

Crystal Chronicle 34: Seven Years of CRELUX - The Success Story Continues

Crystal Chronicle 33: CRELUX features expanded protein supply service

CRELUX receives EU Funding to Develop next Generation protein Expression Tools

Crystal Chronicle 32: Well over 100 proteins now established in our XPRESS portfolio of readily available crystallography targets.

Crystal Chronicle 31: CRELUX adds cancer metabolic targets to its XPRESS portfolio

Crystal Chronicle 30: New XPRESS targets from CRELUX

Crystal Chronicle 29: New CRELUX website online

CRELUX reached several milestones in multi target program for RIGEL Pharmaceuticals

Crystal Chronicle 28: Four new OFF-THE-SHELF targets: ALK, CHK1, DJ1, RORgamma

Crystal Chronicle 27: Eight new OFF-THE-SHELF targets now available

Crystal Chronicle 26: All JAK kinases are now available OFF-THE-SHELF with preferred conditions

Crystal Chronicle 25: Three new Off-The-Shelf targets: MAPK11, PTPN22, JMJD2D

Crystal Chronicle 24: Season Greetings and three new Off-The-Shelf targets: MYST1, DAPK3, HASPIN

Crystal Chronicle 23: Novel fragment screening technology and expanded Off-The-Shelf portfolio at CRELUX

Crystal Chronicle 22: CRELUX further expands epigenetic target portfolio

Crystal Chronicle 21: CRELUX executed initiative for Off-The-Shelf epigenetic targets

Crystal Chronicle 20: AXL1, AXL2, PTP-1B and HSP70/BAG1 are now available OFF-THE-SHELF from CRELUX

Crystal Chronicle 19: 3 new Off-The-Shelf Kinases from CRELUX: ERK3/MAPK6, RSK2, CK1gamma

Crystal Chronicle 18: CRELUX and GVK Biosciences: One-stop-shop from hit finding to clinical phase IV

GVK Biosciences and CRELUX set up Fragment-based Drug Discovery Platform to deliver Lead Molecules

Crystal Chronicle 17: Six new Off-The-Shelf-Targets from CRELUX

Crystal Chronicle 16: Fragment Based Drug Discovery Services

Fragment Based Screening Services at CRELUX and ZoBio

Crystal Chronicle 15: CRELUX further expanded its crystallography service work for 4SC and Incyte

Crystal Chronicle 14: CRELUX solves de novo kinase structure for Chiesi Farmaceutici

Crystal Chronicle 13: CRELUX and ProQinase establish joint crystal-grade kinase protein and structures platform

Crystal Chronicle 12: FAK available Off-The-Shelf and new Bruker AXS Microstar running at CRELUX

Crystal Chronicle 11: Protein crystallography available at affordable rates

Crystal Chronicle 10: JAK3, PLK1, Aurora: CRELUX expands Off-The-Shelf portfolio

Crystal Chronicle 9: Complex structures of Pim1 and 2 now Off-The-Shelf from CRELUX

Crystal Chronicle 8: CRELUX announces an agreement with Incyte Corporation

Crystal Chronicle 7: New website online now

Crystal Chronicle 6: CRELUX supports Tavargenix in its leading drug discovery program

Crystal Chronicle 5: JAK2 available now Off-The-Shelf

Crystal Chronicle 4: CRELUX will deliver complex structures to Bayer Schering Pharma

CRELUX selected by Bayer Schering Pharma as protein structure service provider

Crystal Chronicle 3: CRELUX moved its facilities

Crystal Chronicle 2: PPAR available now Off-The-Shelf

Targegen presents results at the 232nd ACS Meeting

Crystal Chronicle 1: CRELUX provides co-crystal structures to Neuropharma SA

Newsletter May06: Off-The-Shelf protein structure portfolio is growing

CRELUX selected by Schering AG as protein structure service provider

CRELUX selected by Targegen as protein structure service providerCrystal Chronicle 56: 10 Years of biophysical hit finding and compound validation