At CRELUX, you will benefit from the combined experience of a team that has successfully solved structures of more than 200 different target proteins from all target classes. The quality and reliability of our services is evidenced by our extremely high number of repeat clients. We guarantee low fixed costs and predominantly success-based payment schedules – as well as professional communication and handling of your confidential data.

Protein crystallography represents a core competence of CRELUX. Our X-ray crystallography platforms include high-quality solutions for your de novo and challenging projects (XPERT) as well as fast and in-time co-crystal structures of established relevant human disease targets (XPRESS). If you are looking for quick and cost-effective access to co-crystal structures, our XPRESS portfolio of readily available crystallographic targets is your solution of choice as it grants turn‐around times of just a few weeks. For those cases where your target of interest is not yet available in our XPRESS program, you can take advantage of our XPERT crystallography service – from concept to high-resolution complex structure – which is provided under individual agreements to specifically meet your needs.

CRELUX has developed an optimized construct design strategy that allows selection of the perfect expression system for your target, yielding pure and homogenous protein that is ideally suited for crystallization. Protein surface optimization is routinely applied to enable crystallization of high-quality complex crystals that provide you with the best possible data to guide your work. All steps –from purified protein to diffracting crystals – are fully automated for fast, reproducible high-throughput screening, providing optimization of crystallization while concomitantly reducing the required amount of protein. High-resolution data from diffracting crystals can either be collected in-house or obtained through our routine access to various synchrotron radiation facilities. Structures are solved using SAD/MAD or molecular replacement techniques and are refined to high resolution with various computational methods. For fast and safe access, structural data can be downloaded from our secure server.