Our XPRESS service provides fast, reliable and affordable access to pre-established co-crystal structures. Send us your compounds, and you will receive the complex structures, typically within eight weeks or less. To achieve this, CRELUX has optimized expression, purification and crystallization conditions for XPRESS targets. Our XPRESS portfolio represents one of the largest collections of human therapeutic targets worldwide – and it is constantly growing.

 Take advantage of the benefits of our special expertise in crystallization of epigenetic targets and kinases. In addition, our portfolio is complemented by many other targets from a variety of classes, including, for example, membrane proteins, nuclear receptors and antibodies. We are constantly adding new XPRESS proteins to our portfolio, and a large number of additional established targets are also available under XPRESS conditions that do not show up on this list.

Please contact us for information regarding your specific target and request a detailed XPRESS proposal that matches your specific needs.