DEL Screening

WuXi DEL Technology service

Let DEL empower your target - screening with DNA Encoded Libraries.

International expert team located in North America, Asia and Europe.

Bioinformatics system to collect, process and analyze data and facilitate involvement of the client to make collective decisions.

Proven success with nano-molar hits in various target classes, 4 weeks from protein to hit.

More than 90 billion synthetic compounds and growing
with 4,000+ drug-life scaffolds for hit discovery

WuXi DEL Selection Package
Instant Access to Billion of Compounds at Affordable Price

DNA Encoded Library (DEL) Service Package

DNA Encoded Library (DEL) Service Package

Access DNA Encoded Library for Free

The DELopen platform allows DEL library providers to make vast amounts of chemical matter available to university and institutional researchers.
The initial screen and affinity report are free and off-DNA material is made available at low cost.


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