DEL Screening

WuXi DEL Technology service

Let DEL empower your target - screening with DNA Encoded Libraries.

International expert team located in North America, Asia and Europe.

Bioinformatics system to collect, process and analyze data and facilitate involvement of the client to make collective decisions.

Proven success with nano-molar hits in various target classes, 4 weeks from protein to hit.

Library Size 46+ billion 15.1+ billion 4.4+ billion
Target information (FTO) Required Not required Not required
Type One-Stop Service Self-service Self-service
Hit Validation Free quota Additional payment Additional payment
Upfront fee Yes Yes No
Applicable All Academic only Academic only
  • Target-oriented experiment
  • Regular milestone meetings
  • Data analysis and report
  • Compound recommendation
  • Data analysis and report
  • Overview of enriched molecules
  • Data analysis and report
  • List of enriched molecules without structure release
  • Includes self-designed scaffolds(6000+)
  • Customized analytical support
  • Unlock massive amounts of data
  • Nonexclusive
  • Non-released target information
  • Unlock massive amounts of data
  • Open-access
  • Academic friendly
  • Non-released target information
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DEL kit on air

Online service achieves on-line tracking, in-line QC,
interactive data analysis, AI enhanced hit finding

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